Mainstream media – finally naming tRump’s base accurately: cult

Those of us who are ex-members saw it in 2016. We’ve been frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement. Now that don don is trying to pull a coup and his rank and file are lining up, repeat, repeat, monkey say, monkey do … Now, media outlets can call Trumpsters what they are: cultists.

Here’s Bill Maher …

On Friday, Chris Hayes on MSNBC, asked, “How do you govern a country half-trapped in a Maga bubble?” He called out the Republicans for being cowardly hypocrites. During impeachment, they paid lip service to American voters – “the American voters will decide” and now don’s minions remain silent as their lord & master actively undermines the will of American voters. Such “great patriots.” It’s heartwarming.

When your political party ‘s mission is piss off the “libtards.” When your political party pretends the pandemic isn’t happening, doesn’t care your life and focuses all its resources and money to demonize anyone all outsiders, while licking tRump’s boots (cough), Hayes points out, “it’s the same thing a cult tells people. I mean what a cult does is to explicitly work to cut off all your sources to relationships outside the cult.”

Hear more of Chris Haye’s discussing the tRump cult and its deluded bubble of vitriol and hatred here:

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