real Republicans & the tRump cultists

Thank God for Republicans who call it out: tRump, a grifter. tRumpism, a cult.

The Lincoln Project is a group of never-tRumper Republicans. They created a slew of anti-tRump campaign ads and this podcast:

In this episode, the host Ron Steslow, interviews the New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn and former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele about political parties & how these parties are supposed to function in American politics.

This what Jennifer Horn had to say: “if you look it up, you will see that the definition of a cult is misplaced or excessive devotion to a single individual. That is what a cult is. And we all know how damaging and dangerous cults can be.”

Michael Steele: “Grifter’s gotta grift.”

The rest of the pod is also very good.

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