More lessons from ‘school’

Today, I learned what a book plate is … an author’s signature, to be adhered to the inside of the book cover.

And that I’ve been awarded, “angriest blogger”. There must be an Emmy for “angriest blogger” … don’t you think?

Regardless, I’m, appropriately, full of pride!

Thanks, Spencer!

Order your copy now and stop by Spencer’s evil blog to learn how you can get your own book plate!

5 thoughts on “More lessons from ‘school’

  1. Spencer says:

    Love you Queen. Eternally because your brave work planted an important seed and helped me escape.

  2. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Hi Mark – I’m happy to hear that the blog is helpful. You can purchase the book on Amazon, although the hardcopy isn’t available till July. I think the link above goes the Amazon link … I have to double check. Feel free to reach out, if you think that it will help.

  3. Rick P. says:

    Hi- I know two parents who are both in “School”, and have two 20-ish y.o. children. I have a connection to one of the kids, and am concerned for their well-being. How do School leaders handle kids? Are they automatically enrolled? Seems like kids would be bad keepers of secrets, but if the parents really think School is so great, why *wouldn’t* they bring them into it?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Rick – I am not sure how “School” handles kids, since I wasn’t in the inner, inner circles. Perhaps some other folks can speak to this. I, personally, never saw any children (but for a couple of new moms who brought their babies to class with them a few times). I have heard that there were kids at the Montana “retreats” and the New Hampshire “retreats”. Thanks for reading & commenting and we’ll see if anyone can provide info. GSR

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