More lessons from ‘school’

Today, I learned what a book plate is … an author’s signature, to be adhered to the inside of the book cover.

And that I’ve been awarded, “angriest blogger”. There must be an Emmy for “angriest blogger” … don’t you think?

Regardless, I’m, appropriately, full of pride!

Thanks, Spencer!

Order your copy now and stop by Spencer’s evil blog to learn how you can get your own book plate!

6 thoughts on “More lessons from ‘school’

  1. Spencer says:

    Love you Queen. Eternally because your brave work planted an important seed and helped me escape.

  2. Mark Ragan says:

    I can’t wait to read Spencer’s book. I’m assuming I can purchase it on Amazon. My wife’s sister, Leslie Hitelman, is a decades-long cult member who shunned her mother, my wife and the rest of the family several years ago. I have been trying for years to understand how this kind of malicious behavior comes about. Her mother, the kindest, gentlest person on earth, struggles daily trying to understand why Leslie disdains her. Some of you have spoken to me over the last five years and explained the phenomenon. This has helped greatly. Thank you.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Mark – I’m happy to hear that the blog is helpful. You can purchase the book on Amazon, although the hardcopy isn’t available till July. I think the link above goes the Amazon link … I have to double check. Feel free to reach out, if you think that it will help.

  3. Rick P. says:

    Hi- I know two parents who are both in “School”, and have two 20-ish y.o. children. I have a connection to one of the kids, and am concerned for their well-being. How do School leaders handle kids? Are they automatically enrolled? Seems like kids would be bad keepers of secrets, but if the parents really think School is so great, why *wouldn’t* they bring them into it?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Rick – I am not sure how “School” handles kids, since I wasn’t in the inner, inner circles. Perhaps some other folks can speak to this. I, personally, never saw any children (but for a couple of new moms who brought their babies to class with them a few times). I have heard that there were kids at the Montana “retreats” and the New Hampshire “retreats”. Thanks for reading & commenting and we’ll see if anyone can provide info. GSR

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