The OSG song: Oh, so, good

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to share this piece of auditory brilliance, written and provided by a fellow escapee.  I love the way he wove “observations” into the song giving them the perfect creepy character they deserve. Would love to hear about your favorite parts! And now, for your listening pleasure:

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The OSG song (oh, so, good)

OH, SO, GOOD…so, good…so, good…

I’m climbing up towards a finer place
objectively observing, and forcing smiles upon my face
But I just can’t seem to shake this sinking feeling
(no buts no justs, no buts no justs)
You tell me move myself in circles,
we’re forcibly denying. and it’s…

Oh, So, Good
I’m evolving higher
these ideas you stole and bastardized
oh how they inspire
and it’s…
Oh, So, Good
You say you need me to be all in
and address the check ‘OSG’
to pay for my arising
Oh, So, Good
and you keep feeding me lies
in your truth of choosing’s disguise.

What an amazing feat
in this age of vast technology,
to keep us in the shadows…
and blind to your hypocracy.

But I guess I should give credit where it’s due,
(no buts no shoulds, no buts no shoulds)
because you helped me see so clearly,
Now through you I see so clearly,
and now I see so clearly…
that which I already knew.

and it’s…

Oh, So, Good
You say you’re teaching,
but what’s practiced in here
is not what it’s preaching
Oh, So, Good
You call it clever,
but there is no denying
your insincerity’s lying
Oh, So, Good
and you’ll keep eating your lies
in your truth of choosing’s disguise.

Does anyone else have “school” inspired brilliance to share? I’m not posting regularly, myself, so I would love to make  CultConfessions/Gentle Souls Revolution an open forum.