Investigative articles, 1978-1979

In the late 1970s, in San Francisco, newspapers began investigating a local “theater”, post Jim Jones, “Don’t drink the Kool Aid”. The links below connect to pdf files of those articles. Here you will find the seeds of the illustrious “esoteric school” (cough, cult) of today:

Theater group, cult or stage?   San Francisco Progress, 12/22/78

Strange School San Francisco Chronicle, 12/23/78

The Theater of All Possibilities deserves a second look
San Francisco Progress, 1/10/79

Closer look at the theater, San Francisco Progress, 1/12/79

Horn’s followers at the theater, San Francisco Progress, 1/14/79

What are the answers to cultism, San Francisco Progress, 2/25/79

One thought on “Investigative articles, 1978-1979

  1. Star Watcher says:

    Robert’s birthday is 12/13/45. What do the stars have on store for him?

    Pluto, the planet symbolizing transformation (usually through an uncomfortable trip to the underworld) will oppose and challenge Robert’s Saturn, representing structure, reputation, and discipline, until late 2021. According to Robert Pelletier:
    “During this time you will experience changing circumstances and situations that may force you to surrender many things – material goods, relationships, principles – that you have previously held on to. You will probably resist these “losses,” which is how you will experience them, with great tenacity and stubbornness. You will need great discipline under this influence, because you may not have any resources to waste, and you may be forced to do as much as possible with very little….
    Even if your situation becomes very difficult, you should still keep your heart open to others, or you will bear the scars of this period for the rest of your life as a loss of humanity…
    Your inner structure as a human being is changing, and it is the profound insecurity of such a transformation that is making you hold on to the past so furiously with such a sense of effort. When this period is over, your life course may be considerably changed.”

    Will Robert handle this challenge as an enlightened being, becoming a better, wiser man for it? Or will he lash out, like a cornered wolverine?

    February looks particularly challenging, as several things will be culminating. Perhaps the cult will finally fall of its own dead weight. Or Robert will find it to be an unbearable burden….

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