Malcolm Nance, a career intelligence and counterterrorism officer for the United States government on the Cult of Trump:

“Republicans are so taken by and loyal to Trump that they will believe and do anything he says. A good example of that is the Harley-Davidson factory and the nail factory that were shut down or may go away due to his tariffs. There have been interviews with people who said, “Well, we know it’s going to affect us firstly, but if Donald Trump says it’s for the best, then OK.” That’s cultism. Lo and behold, they actually say, ‘Well, Donald Trump didn’t do that. That’s the Europeans or that’s the liberals or that’s the Democrats that made me lose my job.’ “

Read the interview here:

Fireworks Over Philly

Greetings from PA, where I’m attending the International Cultic Studies Association Conference and celebrating my freedom! In 2012, I celebrated with ICSA in Washington DC. Seems right somehow, right blog monitor?

Nothing makes you appreciate the meaning of democracy than leaving a cult. I hope that the rest of you are celebrating your freedom, too. And, blog monitor, I hope that, someday, you, too, taste the sweetness of a “school”-free life.