Interview with author of The Confidence Game

Interested in why some people con and many people fall for cons? In this excerpt from the radio show, Innovation Hub,  Author Maria Konnikova talks about why: we’re wired to trust,  be optimistic, & want to believe in “good things” when they happen.

She says, “When ‘good things’ happen, we don’t ask questions.”

That leaves us vulnerable to nefarious players who know how to flatter and make us feel good. Next thing you know, your  money becomes their money. She also says that the same thing that makes us vulnerable to cons — trusting, open and social — is what makes us human. So, the question is how to stay human when cons are so prevalent that we have a “president” who conned his way into the White House (with a little help from his Daddy, Vladdy Putin) …. listening to this is a good place to start: