More on “School’s” Legal Tactics

If you’re interested in the latest in legal, the blog Clever Sincerity has a couple of updates:

1) Additional URLs to Access Clever Sincerity: Last spring, the New York court system served me papers; specifically an order to disclose the identity of  “sleepwalker”, the creator of Clever Sincerity. The papers claimed this:

“The Respondent is the only individual in possession of the ip address, email address and other information relating to the Unknown Defendant. By Respondent’s own admissions, she has engaged in conversations with the Unknown Defendant. The Petitioners are unable to pursue their claim anonymously against the owner of the subject website, and therefore must use the information solely within the Respondent’s possession to learn the owner’s identity.”

The Petitioners were/are seeking to sue this person and remove a dossier from the blog. The truth is I have no idea who Sleepwalker is — but that story is for another post. For now I’ll just say, I gave them the information “solely within my possession”: two anonymous emails (one of which was included in the “order to disclose” that they served to me), a screen shot of the “offending comment” (I guess this was my admitted “conversation“), and an IP address located in Germany. It appears that the petitioners are now trying to remove the blog.

2) Joseph Stilwell undergoing SEC investigation: I know of at least two law suits filed by Stilwell against “disgruntled ex-students”. Apparently, Stilwell is now also suing the SEC:

“School’s” Legal Tactics

Recently, some of you readers noticed that I removed River of Joy’s series on “school” “experiments”. Your concern is duly noted, as “school” appears to be monitoring this blog and adopting a tactic of harassing those around me. The evolved institution’s legal arm sent a cease and desist letter demanding that those posts be removed.

Many cults use legal bullying to silence criticism; after all, anyone can file a lawsuit — the stated claims don’t have to be true to file. Scientology is famous for this tactic as outlined here:

Last spring, I spoke with a couple who were sued by a cult named The Gentle Wind (I’m trying not to make fun of that name, The Gentle Wind). The cult lost. You can read about that case here:

By the way, for a general compare and contrast between The Gentle Wind, and “School”, visit this couple’s website:

Is “school” following the lead of those larger, more successful cults? You have all had your own experiences of “school” and can come to your own conclusions based on those experiences.

Meanwhile, I have taken the “offending posts” down — for now — while I consult with various lawyers.

Stay tuned.

“School” – The Musical

I am pleased to announce “school”- the-musical-to-be’s first song, Starry-Eyed Believers (although, if I pay the composer of The Oh.So.Good. Song. enough royalties, maybe that song will be on the sound track, too)

Thank you, Oh, Fellow “Disgruntled”, for recording, engineering & producing.

Starry-Eyed Believers

The starry-eyed believers
Seek any kind face
You, the deceiver,
Sensed a trace
The delicious longing of those so insecure
Makes for perfect fish to lure

The starry-eyed believers
Seek any kind word
You, the deceiver
Saw and heard
The hollow voice … and the pleading look
Grabbed your fishing pole and slipped the bait on the hook

So the siren song begins
Sweet and full of lies
Such a seductive melody
Such a pretty disguise

Lost souls float aimlessly
Waiting on you to set them free
Mouths agape and biting for the bait
Custom-made for you to captivate

Let the feeding frenzy begin
Don that devout disguise
You’re ready for the bait and switch
You got a lotta’ fish to fry

Bottom Feeders, parasites
Sharks on the hunt, vultures in flight
Even Bernie Madoff’s got nothing on you
Get your cauldron out you’ve got some guppies to stew