“School” – The Musical

I am pleased to announce “school”- the-musical-to-be’s first song, Starry-Eyed Believers (although, if I pay the composer of The Oh.So.Good. Song. enough royalties, maybe that song will be on the sound track, too)

Thank you, Oh, Fellow “Disgruntled”, for recording, engineering & producing.

Starry-Eyed Believers

The starry-eyed believers
Seek any kind face
You, the deceiver,
Sensed a trace
The delicious longing of those so insecure
Makes for perfect fish to lure

The starry-eyed believers
Seek any kind word
You, the deceiver
Saw and heard
The hollow voice … and the pleading look
Grabbed your fishing pole and slipped the bait on the hook

So the siren song begins
Sweet and full of lies
Such a seductive melody
Such a pretty disguise

Lost souls float aimlessly
Waiting on you to set them free
Mouths agape and biting for the bait
Custom-made for you to captivate

Let the feeding frenzy begin
Don that devout disguise
You’re ready for the bait and switch
You got a lotta’ fish to fry

Bottom Feeders, parasites
Sharks on the hunt, vultures in flight
Even Bernie Madoff’s got nothing on you
Get your cauldron out you’ve got some guppies to stew

6 thoughts on ““School” – The Musical

  1. isolderwiser says:

    Congratulations on taking the first leap!

    (It makes me think of Bertoldt Brecht: Oh the shark has pretty teeth, dear, and he shows them, pearly white. Just a jack-knife has Mack Heath, dear, and he keeps it out of sight.— another dramatized human predator. Ever hear it? Apropos tune.)

    Keep at it! xoxox Mom

  2. 007 says:

    I love the juxtaposition of a slow ambling country tune with with the truly shocking and morally corrupt description of the tactics of the protaganists that are the subject here. Also, given my affinity for fishing, I also love the metaphor of “fishing” for recruits and “luring” them in.
    BTW, weren’t sirens trying to lure Oysseus to his doom?
    Great song!


  3. BananaNana says:

    Beautiful song!!!
    Such talent – I am amazed they let you slip away…

  4. Thanks, 007 & BananaNana –

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I recommend that type of catharsis …

    BTW, I don’t think I quite made the cut at “school” as worthy of being considered “talented enough” to pursue the dream … which — of course — is a blessing. I’ve heard tell that a certain very talented musician, who was encouraged and trotted out as inspiration for “younger” “students”, no longer plays music. Seems that “school” may have sucked the life and inspiration out of her.

  5. @007 – “BTW, weren’t sirens trying to lure Oysseus to his doom?”

    I have heard that somewhere before …it sounds vaguely familiar … now, where was that …

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