My Story

I wrote the following chapters after leaving the ranks in an effort to understand and heal from this bizarre experience. I post them here for those who are seeking information about this group and wondering whether it is a cult.

Yes, it’s a cult.

Introduction: The Confession

Chapter 1 – How to Leave a Cult

Chapter 2 – How to Join a Cult

Chapter 3 – School, Marriage and School Marriages

Chapter 4 – The Art and Science of the Soul Factory
part 1: How to Stay in a Cult
part 2 : “Help” from “Sustainers” and “Teachers”

Chapter 5 – The Christmas Party

Chapter 6 – More on Soul Manufacturing
part 1: “School’s” Three Lines of “Work”
part 2: “Work” on the Self: Psychological Ideas
part 3: “Work” for Others, the Feeding Frenzy

Chapter 7 – “Work” for School: Two Privileges
Privilege 1: Food & Beverage Prep
Privilege 2: “Making New Friends”

Chapter 8 – Waking the Rebels

Conclusion – Caterpillar Days in Butterfly Lives


3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Ros says:

    Just started reading your fantastic writings of your experiences within a cult, amazing how all these groups use the same tactics.
    Thank you for writing and giving such a great understanding to others who have or will some day leave and be helped through reading your blog.

  2. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Oh … and I forgot to say, big congrats to you and your wife for getting the f out and reclaiming your lives!!!

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