More on “School’s” Legal Tactics

If you’re interested in the latest in legal, the blog Clever Sincerity has a couple of updates:

1) Additional URLs to Access Clever Sincerity: Last spring, the New York court system served me papers; specifically an order to disclose the identity of  “sleepwalker”, the creator of Clever Sincerity. The papers claimed this:

“The Respondent is the only individual in possession of the ip address, email address and other information relating to the Unknown Defendant. By Respondent’s own admissions, she has engaged in conversations with the Unknown Defendant. The Petitioners are unable to pursue their claim anonymously against the owner of the subject website, and therefore must use the information solely within the Respondent’s possession to learn the owner’s identity.”

The Petitioners were/are seeking to sue this person and remove a dossier from the blog. The truth is I have no idea who Sleepwalker is — but that story is for another post. For now I’ll just say, I gave them the information “solely within my possession”: two anonymous emails (one of which was included in the “order to disclose” that they served to me), a screen shot of the “offending comment” (I guess this was my admitted “conversation“), and an IP address located in Germany. It appears that the petitioners are now trying to remove the blog.

2) Joseph Stilwell undergoing SEC investigation: I know of at least two law suits filed by Stilwell against “disgruntled ex-students”. Apparently, Stilwell is now also suing the SEC:

12 thoughts on “More on “School’s” Legal Tactics

  1. Gerda says:

    Hi GSR, and others,
    The discovery of the truth about “school” has led me to look into so-called other “truths.”
    This might be helpful:

    also this (transcript):
    This is a transcript of a series of videos he has on youtube. They can be painfully slow to go through, but they help you understand the sleight-of-hand we’ve been operating under and why the legal system is so infuriating to deal with. Nonetheless, your best bet is probably the Harvard group who helped Gentle Wind. What a godsend that case was, eh?

    I also came across this:

    They appear to be former law enforcement and “intelligence” types at ICS. I’m pretty sure an investigation would turn Robert’s hair white.

    By the way, found this too:

    Who’s watching, I wonder…..

  2. Linda Jo says:

    I think every former and current member, friend and family member has a right and need to know what Alex and Sharon said and did for their own “reasons” and “for your own good”. I finally came forward because I was not at liberty to be silent, or “anonymous” or use an alias/pseudonym. At least ONE rape victim and mother who lost her child had to expose Sharon’s complicity and cooperation with her husband’s deadly sins, crimes and forms of abuse, foolishness and evildoing, violence and hidden cruelty, lust and aggression, tyranny and treachery – incest, rape and revenge fantasies, physical, verbal and sexual assaults – forced “confessions” and “arranged” marriages, separations and divorces – kidnapping and abusing, displacing and disappearing children.

    Question is: How many truth tellers and team players, attorneys and lawsuits would it take to prevent Sharon’s followers and lawyers from achieving their “aim” to silence bloggers and shut down this Gentle Souls’ Revolution?

    “There are no limits to the intellectual ruses and intimidation tactics used by abusers to suppress the truth and silence their victims.”
    Dr. Alice Miller, from For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence

    From the Slabbed finance page: Former FBI Agent Hal Neilson hired as CEO of Here Enterprises. Hedge Fund Manager Joseph Stilwell heads to court to silence bloggers

    Moving right along something that most people would consider bizarre happened on one of my old posts about Canadian Insurer Kingsway Financial Services, specifically that Hedge Fund manager Joe Stilwell belongs to a cult led by actress Sharon Gans, whose current occupation Wikipedia indeed lists as Cult Leader. Normally I’d be intrigued but not much interested in such a sideshow to one of my posts but it appears Stilwell went to court recently to have information about himself removed from a blog about the Gans cult. Frankly I have some heartburn about some of the information presented because it is not independently sourced, but then again these people claim to be survivor/escapees from the Gans cult who are far from your average proverbial anonymous bloggers so you have to take what they are saying with a bit more than a grain of salt. For those interested in reading what Stilwell went to court to have removed, click here. Stilwell specializes in extracting new age greenmail from smallish undervalued community banks besides investing heavily in insurers that run scams.

  3. gerda says:

    Linda Jo, I think it would take just one lawsuit, but likely more than one person whose life was deeply affected. GSR, can the organization at Harvard give advice? I would gladly participate in any legal proceedings. GSR, please advise as to the best way to be in touch with you about this.

  4. Hi Gerda & Linda Jo – Thank you for your comments:

    Linda Jo,
    You, of all people, know the courage it takes. I hope you have also experienced the freedom that comes with releasing these toxic secrets.

    Some thoughts:

    “I finally came forward because I was not at liberty to be silent, or ‘anonymous’ or use an alias/pseudonym.”

    This risk comes with great reward; for all reading, imagine a life free of secret keeping–freedom from the fear of someone finding out about your cult days. The more “rule breaking” we do, the less power the “school” ruse has. There’s always the risk that “school” will sue; but how many people has it screwed over and how many lawsuits can it file?

    At this point, “students” past & present, east coast and west coast have revealed this list of “highly evolved” school-sponsored experiences: rape; physical, verbal, and sexual assaults; arranged marriages, separations and divorces; adhoc adoptions, i.e. baby swapping; kidnapping; child neglect; suicidal children.

    I didn’t experience or witness these more extreme abuses myself — my co-hort, 007, and I have been known to call our “school” days “cult lite”. I do remember starting to hear about the baby swapping when I first left the ranks and thinking, “oh, come on! that can’t be true!” But after hearing the same sad tale from various “students”, in various locations and different eras, well, what can I say … it seems that these reports might be more than “all lies and slander” as Robert used to say at certain key moments — when “something would happen” that would inspire him to remind us to “stay away from the internet”.

    In terms of legal actions, to start, we would need a critical mass, willing to come forward, like Linda.

    Gerda, I’d be happy to correspond with you, if you want to discuss. If so, please send an email to

  5. Linda Jo says:

    Hi Gerda & GSR – Thanks so much for your support.

    I think you’re right: “. . .it would take just one lawsuit, but likely more than one person whose life was deeply affected.”

    “In terms of legal actions, to start, we would need a critical mass, willing to come forward. . .”

    Here’s some links and info on this complex subject: starting with Cults 101 by Jim Bergen, continuing with “The reasons many survivors remain silent”, followed by the helpful links Gerda posted here on GSR 2 weeks ago – esp. The Perfect Swindle.

  6. CarnationLilyLilyRose says:

    Speaking of schools’ legal tactics, I think this is very important issue that everyone needs to take note of.

    Google is a very large and very dangerous corporation. 1984 came and went and everyone thought that George Orwell’s predictions would not come to pass. Not true. Google has become Big Brother.

    80% of people use Google as a search engine. 80% of the world who use Google are getting a distorted view of the world and every move they make on the internet is being tracked. They have a history of everything you have ever looked at on the internet.

    Google feels free to take down anything they please before liability has been established which is an unconstitutional prior restraint. A lawyer sends a piece of paper to Google and they not only jump but ask; “How high?”

    Google also feels free to remove anything they care to from their search engine search. Try to Google and it will not come up. Try to Google clever sincerity.

    Google has become a word in our vocabulary. We say “I will Google that” all the time. Let’s say instead “I will search engine that.”

    Google only has it’s power because we it to them. We need to stop using Google.

    Do a little research:

    There are many search engines besides Google and they work just as well or better. They don’t track you. Try (my favorite at the moment), start page, ixquick, blekko and
    Google, Yahoo and Bing all track you.

    Do you use Google maps? I just started using Waze. I think they still track you but it’s much more fun than Google maps. Anyone know any GPS apps that don’t track you?

  7. Gerda says:

    Thank you for the information about Google.

    Did people know there is also a Florida franchise of 1-800-Mattress? Is the business a sham? Is Donna Riggi, listed as General Manager, in the cult? There is this recent (November 2014) complaint:

  8. Truthtotell says:

    Something that would be great would be some guidelines for legal protection for people who are thinking about publishing info or blogging about their experience. I know some info about putting up a blog on wordpress(?) was up on here – perhaps a post and comments? I would appreciate knowing how to protect myself and the more sites we can create, the better to stay ahead of their legal efforts. If they want to pay to order google to remove one permeation, we’ll get five more up.

  9. Hello Truthtotell – I wish everyone who attended “school” would post a blog about it. Yes, the more sites we post, the better. I keep wanting to post about all things legal, including how to protect yourself, but still do not feel well equipped. My legal chapter was pretty short lived. The right network got me legal counsel from a very large firm. the firm took care of business. I can tell you that I believe simply sticking to my story and opinions limits the legal action “school” can take against me. Let me poke around, though, and see if someone more qualified can address your question. I’ll bet your blog would be quite informative — and entertaining!

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