The Invitation

Your Truth, Even if Your Voice Shakes

One of my intentions in writing this blog was to invite my fellow “classmates” to tell their stories. This year writing mine set me free from the experience.  The memories and betrayals don’t devour my attention anymore. I no longer obsessively check this blog for comments 😉

I recommend this process highly to those of you who have the yen to write. Today I feel happy, joyous and free and vast amounts of gratitude that I left before “school” inflicted irreparable damage. Because I left just in time,  and allowed my voice a venue for “confession”, the experience made me stronger. My time is now truly mine; and I am thrilled with the community of posters who have contributed.

I need to take a break from posting; other passions are vying for my attention.  After all, I don’t want to give away another five years. And yet, I don’t want the conversation to end either. I would like to offer this blog space as a community forum and extend this invitation —

Many of you have nodded to stories untold; would you be willing to tell them here? Here are some I would like to see:

BullFrog, or anyone else who knew Veronica, are you willing to tell us more about who she was? What was her last name? Where did she live? Does anyone know how she died? Would be possible to find an obituary?

“School” Ideas:
Odysseus, Cara, River of Joy, or anyone who feels they have some understanding of the ideas misused by “school”– I would love it to turn the ideas or “work” phrases widely misused in “school” into key words for Google searches. I had envisioned taking one idea at a time and writing a post on each, defining it and “school’s” misuse of it.  I have two hesitations — the first being that this task would devour a lot of time and the second being that my understanding was limited since that I didn’t know about or have access to the original source material initially. Would any of you be willing to choose a favorite, or least favorite idea(s) and write about them here?

The Sustain-er Story:
Is there anyone out there who witnessed the birth of “sustain-ers”, became one, and could tell us more about that experience? What is the process of “becoming a sustain-er?” What types of pressures are sustain-ers under?

Alex Horn:
Another Version of the Story, you seem to have some insight into the man and perhaps some personal experiences; would you be willing to share some of that here?

Bill S & the Nervous Breakdown:
Bullfrog, would you be willing to tell us about Bill S and how his break came about? Like the Veronica story, this seems like important information for those who’ve left school and are wondering whether they’ve done the right thing and/or those who might be attending and starting to wonder what they’ve gotten into.

Country Retreat:
Bullfrog, Charlie Chaplin or anyone who is willing, would you share your Country Retreat experiences?

School’s “Leadership”:
Haven’t Decided Yet, Would you be willing to share school from the perspective of “leadership?” What is that experience like? How does one rise up the ranks from student to “teacher”?  What types of pressures are teachers under?

Le Grand David Magic Company – Cher-Tea,  would you be willing to tell us more about this group? How did it start? How did it recruit its members? What was life like once one was “in”? Did people ever leave? When and where did it meet? Who was this guy, Cesareo?

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who experienced “school” back in CA., under Alex Horn. And I’m open to other topics and suggestions.

I am still sorting out how this would work. But – for starters – if you want to participate, please contact me at I don’t check that address unless I get a head’s up, so let me know if your message is waiting.

3 thoughts on “The Invitation

  1. Haven't Decided Yet says:

    Given that I was never a “teacher,” I wouldn’t be able to comment on the pressures that such people felt. I also don’t get the impression that any experience I had would explain how things were today, as they seem to have become much stranger.

  2. Odysseus says:

    Message sent.

  3. cher_tea says:

    Hi! I just sent an email. Hope you get it, but more importantly, hope you are well. Thanks for your blog!

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