Heads up NYC/Gans survivors: Fellow ex-“student” seeking comradarie …

Today I received a message from a woman who referred to herself as a “Sharon Gans alum.” She attended the NYC group from 1979-1982 and wishes to decompress with some old “classmates”. Are there NYC people out there who would be open to connecting with her?

If so, please send an email to GSR@cultconfessions.com. I’ll get you in touch with each other.

5 thoughts on “Heads up NYC/Gans survivors: Fellow ex-“student” seeking comradarie …

  1. Upper Lobby says:

    GSR you are doing great work! Let’s get in touch soon!

  2. BenThayre says:

    It looks like the Boston OSG blog spot is gone now. Does anyone know the story?

  3. It’s unclear what happened. Here’s another link, though: http://sharongansrobertkleinandosg.blogspot.com/

  4. Here’s what I’ve learned: some people, who were named in various blogs, have filed lawsuits — “school” does have a reputation of being litigious. Initially the suits were intended to get the blogs taken down and that worked to some extent. However, “school” may be following the Scientology model — harassment through litigation.

    More specific information is available via public record.

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