Resources and Corroboration: Clever Sincerity & Cult Education Institute

Yesterday, I decided to revisit the blog Clever Sincerity. I don’t know why I haven’t pointed readers to this particular page before:

It provides a clear and comprehensive assessment of “school” in general, as well as links to the Cult Education Institute, created by Rick Ross.

Apparently, a group of “disgruntled ex-students” from New York provided information to Ross about that branch (i.e. corporate headquarters). It was posted in 2002; the information mirrors my Boston branch experiences almost exactly, and I started this blog in 2012. I guess some things don’t change. Here are some pages I found particularly helpful and poignant:

I hope that you find these resources helpful. Break “the rules”.




One thought on “Resources and Corroboration: Clever Sincerity & Cult Education Institute

  1. Che says:

    English translation: don’t let the bastards get you down

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