About “Radical Honesty” …

First of all, I LOVE The Moth. Secondly, this story is hilarious and there are aspects of it that are reminiscent of a certain “secret esoteric school”, cough, “study”, i.e. “the study” … perhaps an eyelash more ridiculous … a little cult humor never hurts when one is breaking rules and researching “the invisible world” on the internet.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks, Patterson!

3 thoughts on “About “Radical Honesty” …

  1. BestFootForward says:

    Great story….great ending….
    Thanks All,

  2. Open Eyes says:

    LOL “Naked day” – when I was making a mental list of where I would draw lines when attending the first classes “getting naked” was the second thing that came to mind after “paying tuition in cash”. I had no idea who these people were or where I would physically end up that first evening. There were only a handful of scenarios I associated with “privacy”, one being defrauding people, and the other involving some level of nudity. 😀

    • Yes, my tenure never included a “Naked Day”. That would probably have snapped me out of my cult coma quickly! I can say that “School” never included such a thing — perhaps, though, earlier versions, The Theater of All Possibilities, or The Odyssey Study Group, of yore did employ a “Naked Day.” Can anyone out there confirm or deny?

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