About the money …

who the fuck buys a red bathtub?

During my “school” tenure, I always had a toe out the door. While deep in a cult coma, I believed I was lazy. This “laziness”, i.e. resistance to brainwashing, kept me from “graduating” (cough) into the “older class”. I never brushed with the “inner circle” and “school’s” illustrious inner workings. Thus I occasionally popped out of the cult bubble and wondered:

  1. Do all of my “essence friends” pay $350 month, like me?
  2. Where does all of this money go?

Basically, those with more money, pay more tuition. BTW, if you suddenly can’t afford “school”, “school” will suddenly grant you a reprieve. Try it. And, of course, all profits go to Sharon. But if you want details about how “school” invests “tuition”, I suggest you read these two blog posts and the accompanying comments:

Do The Math

She Works Not So Hard For The Money

You might find it interesting to learn what happens to the money you’ve invested in your “arising”.


4 thoughts on “About the money …

  1. Love Conquers Hate says:

    WTF buys a red bathtub? A fat red head.

  2. leviathan says:

    A red bathtub with gold fixtures, no less. Who buys it? A fat redhead (let’s hope she’s read about President Taft, who got stuck in his – did you have it custom sized so that would never happen to you, gross old woman?). Who else buys a red bathtub with gold fixtures? Saddam Hussein.

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