About The Music and The Money …

Those I know who have crowdfunded, and everything I’ve read thus far, tell me that halfway into such campaigns, eevveerryytthhiiingg sslloowws ddoowwnn …

To kick thru fundraising doldrums, here are some musical samplings of what contributors are supporting. Most tunes are still in process …

Starry-Eyed Believer – all about cult recruitment … you’ll get the idea.

Your Little Secrets – I think Hank Williams must have visited me in spirit. Somehow, he planted a seed of irreverence & it grew out over time. Obviously, the vocals aren’t mine, I told my producer to have some fun and he did … I’m almost tempted to just leave his vocals, b/c he delivers so perfectly — but being in “self love” and all — I feel attached to singing on my song (thank you, Hank!).

The Oh. So. Good. (OSG) Song – It’s not fair of me to provide this 3 minutes and 14 seconds of auditory brilliance, b/c it’s not my song and won’t be on the CD (unless the author gives me permission) but I believe everyone must hear it!!! I wish it were my song (does that count?) Written by a fellow “disgruntled”. We traversed the Hallowed Halls together.

To Have and To Hold – Here’s my one serious contribution. My departure from the cult came upon realizing that continued membership in the “esoteric mystery school” meant losing my marriage. At our wedding, my husband and I sang our wedding vows. We both had love songs, I suggested to him, “Why not use them as our vows?” Come the big moment, I distinctly remember looking out on attendees, guitar in hand, a Noreaster out the window (yes, folks, there was a Noreaster that day) and saying, ” This seemed like a good idea in theory … ” Then, by some miracle, got through it without crying.

Blog Monitors, “Disgruntled ex-Students” & “Rule Breakers” (conducting “illegal internet research” because they can no longer ignore an echo chamber of doubts — “something here isn’t right … can’t put my finger on it… am I in a…cult???” ) are familiar with this  “slowing down of vibrations” phenomenon; they know it well, b/c “school leadership” refers to it as: “hitting the interval”!

Many a devotee, with a “5-week aim” (i.e. a stated goal), knows that they “must INCREASE EFFORTS between the Mi & Fa, as well as the Ti & Do” !!! (ah, such fond memories)For un-“schooled” readers, who’ve not had the privilege to grace the hallowed halls, cultic study scholars refer to this type of “school” speak as loaded language: please visit further examples of “school” speak/loaded language here: Standing Up to Sharon Gans.

Thus in true “essence friend” spirit (again, for the un-schooled, the term “essence friend” is reserved for those privileged few who’ve donated, unwittingly, to Sharon’s retirement fund and $8million, Park Plaza Condo), I’m halfway in, watching contributions dry up, thus “making efforts” to step it up!

I’m hoping that fellow disgruntled(s), and those who’ve been adversely affected by CULTS, and those who know and love me 😉 and those who are sick of getting these updates, and are cursing me, along with the Democrats for filling up inboxes with pleas for their money, and want these pleas to just GO AWAY,  will contribute to support my campaign against this societal blight.

So … folks, here’s the crowdfunding countdown…

  • I have 15 days to hit the $6000 goal
  • With offline contributions, I’m up to $3675 (Mi to Fa)
  • That means I have to raise $2325 by Monday, 9/5 (Ti to Do)

La, la, la …. click here to contribute: Cult Confessions: The CD!

Any amount helps. $5, $10, $15, $20 … more if you can.
You can give anonymously.
If you’re uncomfortable contributing online, please contact me via GSR@cultconfessions.com.

Again, thanks for reading, thanks for supporting!



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