Crowdfunding … the Wrap Up!

cult_conf_video_imageGood Morning, Cult Confessions: The CD!!! Supporters: Thanks to your generosity, this campaign garnered $5415!!! That’s definitely enough to finish the CD project!  Thanks so much for contributing and cheer leading and sharing and encouraging – I appreciate it very much!!! 🙂

I admit, I often think I must be crazy for donning ex-member poster child cape. One purpose of this project is to counter the stigma, the victim blame and shame that comes with admitting the dreaded cult membership. It keeps people silent and I see that silence as damaging in many ways — for individuals and for families and communities. Luckily, my particular experience provides lots of opportunity for snarky and sarcastic humor — and I love snark!

On a more serious note, I’m committed to exposing this bizarre, societal phenomenon and blight. I’m lucky — I left the little cult called “school” before anything terrible, or irreversible, happened. Many people aren’t so lucky.

Three practical things to wrap up:

1) If you donated w/o ordering a perk, but want a copy of Eve’s Lament, my first record, please email a mailing address to I will send.

2) If you are interested in attending the pilot run of Cult Confessions on 10/16 (I will confirm date once venue verifies final approval) please let me know!

3) If you want the whole illustrious tale, visit the My Story page.

Thank you, again!!! Happy almost fall, Esther

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