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Good Afternoon, Readers:

I just visited my fellow evil blogger’s site and feel compelled to point you to the latest post: Heartbreak

The niece of a long-time NY member contributed the latest post. I have often thought to myself, and said to others, that family and friends suffer the most from cult inflicted damage. They are left scratching their heads, wondering, what happened to the person that I love? How did this person “evolve” into a cold, flat, callous version of themselves? When did someone alive, loving, passionate, caring, generous, curious, full of life, become a flat, empty, propaganda-spouting shell?

Cults leave a wake of destruction in our social fabric. That is why I have made it my business to expose the bizarre, callous and selfish practices innate to each and every “school”. Every cult is the same and every cult inflicts the same damage: stealing lives, killing members slowly by sucking the soul and life out of them. Tearing apart families. Ruining people – stealing time, energy, money and chances for them to realize true potential.

I have too much to say about this topic – it may turn into a series of posts. I inflicted pain on my family and friends. Sometimes my husband will recall some of the crap I spouted out at him. Interestingly, I don’t remember saying, or doing, many of the things he reports. Yet, I know his accounts are true, because the stories are always true to “school” form – in my illustrious “school”-coma, I touted the party line.

When I finally confessed my cult days to friends (who, thank God, stuck it out with me through those weird five years) they said things like: “I was wondering what was going on … why you were so busy … so distant… so flat … so unavailable … why you were acting so strangely.”

How shocked was I to realize that the “invisible world” is actually very visible, as I emerged from the cult coma. But that shock is part of the recovery. I had no idea how isolated I’d become from them. I was surrounded by an invisible prison of silence and deception.

Un-“schooled” family members have contacted me over the years — some who hail from the lineage of “school” leadership. They share stories that I know are true, because they echo “school” dealings from the past (the sins of the fathers are visited upon future generations, Robert). The strategies are distinct –very– obvious. I always feel tempted to share those stories as a cautionary tale – but I don’t want to throw salt into wounds. I want to honor confidentiality. I know it’s painful and courageous of them to share these stories with me. I would never reveal the stories unless they specifically gave me permission.

Thus I’m not at liberty to share details. But please trust me: “school”, these people, this group, they, have no more humanity. They/it only care about you in so far as siphoning your bank account and getting some slave labor. It’s cult culture, take as much as you can until you suck someone dry. Run away as fast as possible. You owe them NO EXPLANATION. NOTHING. As, true to cult form, they will try every manipulative strategy and guilt trip possible — trust me, it’s only b/c they need the income.

Last week I had lunch with a woman whose adult daughter got sucked into a cult. I’m happy to report that the daughter is out, but the healing is a long, grinding process. There are children involved. The mom is tenacious and smart and determined.  I have met several mothers like this. With very few resources for families, they continue to fight for their loved ones.

There’s too much to say about this … so I’m gonna stop myself and have a day. And feel grateful that my life is “school”-free and I came out relatively unscathed.

4 thoughts on “About the families …

  1. Rally Ho says:

    So sad to read about the Neice of Minerva on the other blog. What gain can possibly justify this madness?

    This is Not a Joke, this is Not a Stage, this is Not Your Production. This is and was OUR LIVES!

  2. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    yea … I don’t know what to say, it’s so reprehensible … to think I really believed at one point these people and this group were well intended, evolved even.

  3. Ros Hodgkins says:

    So good to read your blog and amazing insight, your writing speaks to so many who have experienced life in a cult or a family who saw a loved daughter or son involved. My daughter was trapped for 2 years. That was 20 years ago We both work for cult information and family support in Australia.cifs.org .au

  4. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Hi Ros,

    Thank you for reading the blog and commenting! I will have to check out the site you provided above. I’m so glad that your daughter’s tenure did not extend beyond 2 years! The more I see, the more I believe there needs to be a lot more support and resources for the families. It’s so heartbreaking. So good for you and your daughter for the help you provide!

    Best, Esther

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