The “Sense-Based” World

Recently I was talking politics with a friend, who described a conversation she’d had with couple Trump supporters;  evangelical Christians who voted for a narcissistic, pussy-grabbing, child rapist. When she pressed them on the obvious hypocrisy, they defended the indefensible with an esoteric argument — apparently God’s plan includes having a sexual predator and pathological liar lead the free world. Her opposition to fascism was merely “sense-based” — gosh, no wonder Trump trolls are quick to dismiss common sense and human decency.

“School” also used to (and probably still does) scoff at the sense-based world. With enough time a good “school” cog starts to realize that your senses are to be regarded as inferior to an illusive state of enlightenment touted within the hollow halls only attainable through all things cult. Disregard your senses along with your thoughts, perceptions and emotions.

You were striving to attain a state of fineness, a humming of vibrations, that you couldn’t see , or hear, or smell, or touch  … it was beyond your senses and perceptions therefore always beyond reach. If you strived hard enough you … might … just … reach … it … but without “Help!” from those “who’d been doing the work longer” it was impossible.

This, of course, is a belief system that requires full-tilt cult indoctrination and more proof that our current president is just another cheesy cult leader, with millions of sycophants, like Hope Hicks, propping him up. Anyone who justifies the indefensible with this beyond-the-sense-based-world argument has drunk the Kool Aid.

I don’t claim to have access to secret esoteric knowledge, or a direct line to God; hell, while I do believe in God, I’m aware that my need to believe might be based in my need to hope that we’re here for some reason. Does God exist? I can’t say for sure. I do know this: when in my best state, I am keenly aware of and trusting my senses.

The other day, I was out for a run — I’m not a very good runner, but I do it because it quiets my mind and because I need the exercise. I find myself soaking in the beauty of my surroundings – eyes. Smelling spring – nose. Letting the rhythm of the music in headphones vibrate through me and direct my feet — ears. Feeling the sun and wind — skin. When I’m present to my senses in this way, I feel grateful for my time here on this planet and in this body.

If there is a God, and God made us with five senses, it stands to reason that God wants us to honor our sensory human experience. When you do honor your senses, perceptions and experiences, no one else can dictate your experiences …yep, that’s a good thing.

Have a good day!



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