Why speak out? Because of this shit …

Cults are all the same, with slight variations on a theme: manipulating belief for control, with some employing more extreme practices than others. I was fortunate enough to happen upon cult lite. Here’s a New York Times article about one such not-so-lite parasitic group.

Nope, this is not the Post. Really: Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

This here is why ex-members need to speak out.

5 thoughts on “Why speak out? Because of this shit …

  1. Love Conquers Hate says:

    You? Cussing? What the F?
    Love you, SS

  2. Gerda says:

    So fascinating. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, GSR. You know, sometimes people look down on others who have gotten involved with a cult, but look at the two Bronfman sisters, who have had every advantage in life and a fabulous education– they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Found this which gives add’l info:

    Always amazes me that the tactics/characteristics are the same: a “charismatic” leader, claiming to have secret knowledge, a hierarchy that you have to sacrifice to climb, mind control, abuse– physical, mental, emotional, sexual. It’s as if the leaders of cults go to cult school to learn this s***t, and I’ve wondered if somewhere early in School’s legacy, knowing they originated in the SF area, did they get involved with the MKUltra experiments done in Haight Ashbury and/or Montauk? Or do manipulative people just somehow figure this out on their own.

    Sadly, I can’t help but see how cultic tactics are part of the Catholicism my mother grew up with: you’re born a sinner and can only advance with the help of the church, rigorous rituals, guilt up the wazoo. And of course, the abuse that is still protected. She was able to leave, finally, in her 30s. The church I grew up with was more relaxed. Grateful for that!

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Thanks for your comment, Gerda. Yep, cults are essentially ALL the same. Lift the hood and you will see the same bells and whistles. And, yep, now that I’m 6 — almost 7 – years “school” free, I see those bells & whistles all over the place, most prominently coming out of The White House, at the moment. The only good thing about the current narcissist-in-chief is that he’s not clever so his attempts at clever insincerity just don’t fly.

  3. SallygoesroundtheRoses says:

    So much truth in the comments on the Catholic Church. I loved it for the rituals, the songs, and pageantry. All covering up the dark crime underbelly.
    The SG cult was full of ex-catholics, little wonder why.

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