Gratitude: Freedom and Simplicity

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

First, let me thank those who made it out to Club Passim last night! We had lots of fun!

Secondly, an ode to the holidays: this is my 6th “school”-free Christmas season. For 5 years, I allowed “school” to hijack my holidays. My first post-school November-January felt strange, but wonderfully free. I was constantly comparing and contrasting the pre and post. Each realization, that I wouldn’t be scamming Christmas trees for the big Christmas Party, or lying to friends and family about why I was so unavailable, or I was not going to go through the season sleep-deprived and stressed out about the “fineness” of the party … etc. etc. etc. … brought on more and more gratitude.

I’m happy to report that every year that followed, I compared and contrasted less. This year, I thought so little about the “school” party, that it only occurred to me to acknowledge it today. So far, Thanksgiving, 2017 has consisted of walking the Feaster Five, a 5k in Andover, with a dear friend. And cleaning out my closets. Tomorrow, I’ll eat T-Day dinner with my husband, stepson and his girlfriend. We’re simplifying and minimizing stress and that’s fine by me, great in fact!

Yep, life does go on without “school”. I have NEVER regretted leaving “the source”. If anything, I now have ever-growing gratitude to have my freedom, energy, focus, self and – yes – holidays, back.

So, Happy Thanksgiving, All and cheers to your “school” free holiday season!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Freedom and Simplicity

  1. Thank you for all your wonderful posts, so great to get the message out. Love the touches of humour and working through the Arts with music.
    I live in Australia and talk with many former cult members through ‘Cult Information and Family Support’ CIFS My daughter left a cult 20 years ago, along with others we began CIFS not for profit voluntary Association.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Roslyn Ann – Thank you for your comment! I have heard of CIFS, at some point — maybe through a documentary, or an article … anyway, good on both you & your daughter for starting an organization to provide support to cult members, ex-cult members, and their families. There are so few resources available, that’s why I keep this blog going. And am choosing to take my experience and turn it into an anti-cult campaign. I would love to connect with you & your daughter and learn more about your story, sometime. Keep up the good work! Esther

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