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Hey Everyone – This is a great podcast that tells the story of Heaven’s Gate, an end-days cult that culminated in a mass suicide in 1997. Those of us who traversed the Hollow Halls for any length of time will, most likely,  draw parallels. For example, the two leaders referred to themselves as Si & Do. La, la, la … The host, Glynn Washington, grew up in an end-days cult. I recommend giving it a listen: Heaven’s Gate. 

That’s all for now… hope you’re having a good weekend! GSR


4 thoughts on “The Heaven’s Gate Podcast …

  1. SallygoesroundtheRoses says:

    I’m guessing they are having their xmas gala this Sat., right? The Sat before xmas? In NYC with Boston group arriving in busses and trains. Everyone eargerly awaiting being scolded, scorned, dismissed, abused, and humiliated by the *great one.* They will tell them selves; I really needed to hear that, What good help that was, I was so asleep until S or R woke me up, or I need to put that into my aim. And the bullshit will. Continue.
    Notice how Janine disappears and hides in a hotel room pretending to take care of diabetic Diane. Diane meanwhile pretends she is fine and nearly drops dead from exhaustion to prove herself worthy. And the choir puffs up, and the jokes become lame, and the toasts are so stale, and the goddammed Boring harp lady plays for hours, and only S gets to Ooooh or Aaahhhh. And if she likes your performance, everyone does, and if she doesnt well, sorry, no one else does either.Oh wait!, is this individual evolution or group think? You tell me. Or maybe just maybe, you’re all clones of a fool and her handy man. Ha ha Merry Christmas.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Fortunately, my evolution never reached the level of the NY xmas party. Never bussed to NYC in Dec to be admonished by Gans. I did partake in the annual younger class grooming. Don’t miss it. Happy school-free holidays!

    • SallygoesroundtheRoses says:

      You didn’t want to go! It was nothing more than a captive audience for group hypnosis and public display of cruelty and abuse that was supposed to haunt you for the rest of the year into submissiveness, and generally did just that. You weren’t supposed to leave the building alone, without extreme vetting. If you were not on the bus, you were supposed to travel with someone else from the group.
      A few days after, there would be an *Impressions class*. There they would ensure Everyone took away the correct message de jour. And you were again degraded or humiliated until ‘your’ impression matched the official one.
      It was all done with (mostly) good food and liberal amounts of alcohol. We were Happy Prisoners. You were admonished if you missed either part. Oh, and especially if you missed the months of prep. It was said that if you worked really hard at this, that you would Really Get Something for Your Self! Usually what you ‘got’ was a bill for hundreds of dollars, a bad virus or flu, sick from exhaustion, angry spouses, neglected family members, and sometimes fired from your employment. Because,  in order to ‘get something’ for *yourself*, (meaning being used as a mule for two con artists),  you had to forgo All other responsibilities and relationships in your life!
      And the kicker? It was All Done in the Name of Christ, like so so so much of the crime on this planet.
      Poor guy! What did he do that people continue to abuse others in His Name?

      • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

        “And the kicker? It was All Done in the Name of Christ, like so so so much of the crime on this planet.
        Poor guy! What did he do that people continue to abuse others in His Name?” That is an excellent question. Robert, Sharon, care to respond?

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