Recovery Thoughts: BREAK “rules”

Need to recover from a cultic experience?
Whatever the cult demanded, do the opposite. Break “rules”.

  • Cults isolate:connect to authentic relationships/communities.
  • Cults require secrecy:refuse to safeguard and carry burdensome secrets.
  • Cults silence:claim and use your voice and share your story with whomever you choose.
  • Cults numb:claim your emotional/feeling self by acknowledging, allowing and expressing ALL the feelings: grief at losses; anger at abuses; cynicism about the hypocrisy; joy at your reclamation and ownership of self and life going forward.
  • Cults deny individual rights:claim your rights and attend to your needs; guard yourself and those you love, fiercely.
  • Cults employ and require deception of self and others:seek and speak truth.
  • Cults commit identity theft, emptying participants of soul/authentic self:claim your authentic self through all of the above practices.

I have experienced recovery as reclamation. Cultic dynamics devour members, mind, body, heart and spirit, in psychological webs of tangled confusion. You have the power to untangle those memes, clear out the twisted ideology, and deceptive narrative – you can return to emotional and cognitive clarity and heal relationships damaged by the group. You have the power to return to yourself, and your life, by breaking “rules”.

Reclaim your humanity. Believe it or not, this difficult healing process can lead you to joy and laughter … sometimes lots of laughter.

My opinion, for what it’s worth.

3 thoughts on “Recovery Thoughts: BREAK “rules”

  1. SallygoesroundtheRoses says:

    I isolate in order to recover unconditionally.
    I shun help in any way.
    It reeks of giving away my power.
    Sorry if I laid blame and spread pain on the way out.
    I only recognize myself at last
    Having slashed and burned the others
    All away.

  2. Gerda says:

    Hi GSR,
    You wrote earlier about that weird branding cult NXVM. Thought you might want to know the leader and some acolytes have been arrested for sex trafficking:
    one of many reports…

    Good news, for the spring!

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Yes, I just saw an article about that yesterday. It’s a long time coming, but good to see justice starting to be served! Thanks for the link, Gerda!

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