Expressive art therapy: cult recovery can be fun!

I cringe when I remember that I had a Master’s Degree in Expressive Art Therapy before stumbling into “school”. The master’s program required ethics courses on relationships and power differentials. We discussed how the professional title, therapist, put us in the power position. We were responsible for not taking advantage of our clients.

I cringe because, even with that education, I let the cult’s alleged “teachers” micromanage me with their deluded fantasies about “self remembering.”

Yet, I know that cults entrap through emotional ploys. The bait and switch has nothing to do with intellect, or lack of intellect. Someone seeking something encounters the con artist offering vague “answers.” The seeker wants to believe. The con leverages that desire.

Taking my life and voice back included returning to my professional roots in expressive art therapy. Who knew that cult recovery could be fun! (I prefer to call it reclamation, but that’s another post for another day).

Sometimes a gal has to make fun of other cults with deluded fantasies. Today, it is the Twin Flames: Universe. What is Twin Flames: Universe? Watch The PSA above if you are Desperately Seeking Soulmate, brave enough to create the life of your dreams, need clear guidance on how to spot one (a twin flame) and what to expect from twin flame love and will do almost anything for harmonious union. Remember, if you encounter Twin Flames: Universe, run away!

Or just watch it for an example of catharsis through expressive art therapy – happy to entertain!

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