About regrets …

I am posting a link to this article, 40 Regrets You Don’t Want to Have in 40 Years at the request of one of the “disgruntled”.

As a “school” survivor I found these points most relevant:

5) Ignoring my intuition for too long.
7) Letting others talk me out of my dreams.
15) Putting my own needs and happiness on the back burner.
18) Letting someone walk all over me, ad infinitum.

Truthfully these are pitfalls anyone could bumble into, not only those of us who bumbled into a cult.

I now work with Alzheimer’s patients and there is no more poignant reminder that life is short and fragile. My patients were once lawyers, rocket scientists, dancers, doctors, professional artists and more. They raised families, forged careers, some escaped the holocaust. Today they can’t tie their own shoes.

If you are able to read this blog, you are still able to bring meaning to your life, in your way.

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