Terrorists have no religion

A couple of week’s ago I pointed readers to this new blog – Diary of a Transgender Muslim Girl. Her latest post, Terrorists have no religion, is really worth reading! Poignant and thoughtful, it dispels the myth that the Quran endorses violence. She says, “In the Quran,Jihad means killing the evil in yourself.”

My cult experience brings up questions for me about the fine line between religion and cults a lot — at what point does a religion cross the line and become a cult? In my life time, I’ve never seen religion used more to justify the reprehensible than I do these days — of course, ISIS is the most extreme example.

So the Quran is violated by violent groups who justify hatred by misrepresenting the content. The Bible is often violated in the same way. “School” is an equal opportunity misuser — The Bible, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gurdjieff’s teachings, Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, you name it, “School” has probably abused it … but, I am going to stop myself for now. Perhaps I’ll explore the question about religion vs. cult another day.

All I want to say right now is, I hope you go read Arena’s post.

4 thoughts on “Terrorists have no religion

  1. Pearl says:

    “With the debut of Alex Gibney’s new documentary “Going Clear,” the Church of Scientology has a host of new targets for its PR campaign: film critics. Bob talks with Jason Bailey, the film editor at Flavorwire.com, who found himself at the center of the Church’s latest salvo after he published a review of the film.”
    Podcast here: http://www.onthemedia.org/story/scientology-and-film-critics/
    This shows the full weight of the cult of Scientology against its critics. An enormous PR machine. Worth a listen.

  2. I really want to see that movie. The book is very well-written – fascinating, disturbing … those good cult elements. Yippee.

  3. Gerda says:

    Hi GSR,

    In an earlier post, I told you I wanted to talk about the larger grinding down systems in which we participate that are in the process of enslaving us. In the process of putting together notes for that, I came across a documentary called Bought, which is free to view until March 6

    It’s approximately 1.5 hours long. I highly encourage people to watch it while it’s free. You can watch it for a fee after that date.

    This is not a substitute for my post– I just wanted to make sure you got to see it!

  4. Thanks, Gerda. I’ll check it out.

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