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Recently a fellow “Disgruntled” sent me a link to this article: I was a poster child for AA. Then I realized I’m not an alcoholic.   I recognized the story. The author, Tina Dupuy, told it on This American Life.

Turns out Ms. Dupuy was born into a cult called “The children of God” (the name alone is creepy enough). Her parents were, shall we say, inadequate, and she wound up in a group home, essentially raised by AA. She is starting a podcast in February that you, dear readers, might want to check out: Cultish

I certainly will be.

3 thoughts on “Cultish – A Podcast …

  1. Paula says:

    LOVE IT !!!
    Maybe we should do our own bumper stickers and tee shirts?
    You could have a contest for what to write: “I escaped from Sharon Gans” is not too thrilling. I bet someone could come up with something better!

  2. Charlie Chaplin says:

    This is live now with two episodes, in case you haven’t subscribed yet!

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