About Anniversaries & Taking Tuesdays Back …

During my “school” tenure, my husband and I referred to the cult as Tuesday/Thursday thing. On a Tuesday, or Thursday, he might ask, “Hey, are you going to thing tonight?” In more sarcastic, or angry, moments, he’d call a cult, a cult. Mostly, though, “school” was “thing”.

I dedicated 5-years of Tuesday and Thursday nights to “thing”. Now I am 5-years “thing”-free. Yesterday I discovered a Tuesday Night Tap Dance class. What a riot!

Now that my freedom equals my cultic tenure, I’m reclaiming my Tuesday nights with tap dancing! Imagine: from 6:30 – 7:30, don the shoes, tap through the hour, laugh a lot with fun people. Go home. No lies or secrets. No one shaming you, or maligning your character. No pressure to recruit. Friends and families know. No shady behavior throwing doubt on your sanity; all to a Great American Songbook soundtrack!

For $15 a class, (as opposed to $350/month) I’m celebrating my five cult-free years. Speaking of money … CROWD FUNDING — Cult Confessions: The CD! has raised $2,350 in two weeks and I’m soooo excited!!! In $650, I’ll be halfway there … would you help me hit the halfway mark??? Every little bit gets me closer to my $6000 goal!! And, as the brilliant John Oliver likes to say, Now This …


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