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…a funny thing happened this week — funny in the odd sense, not the ha ha sense. I was talking to a cultic studies expert. He asked me about my “school” days. I provided a few details about the group. He said, “Oh. The Gurdjieff group.” I replied, “Yes.” He asked whether I’d ever met the late “school” founder and honored sociopath, Alex Horn (I hear that Sharon, his wife, knocked him off the sociopath pedestal, eventually) I knew nothing about Horn, or Gans, or NY, or the many other “classes” that “school” omitted mention of, until I left “school” and started lifting the curtain on its vast system of deception.He told me that he had heard about Horn and that Horn was a monster, essentially … I can’t recall the exact quote.

You know, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Alex Horn: he was a serial rapist; incredibly violent; sadistic & cruel. But nothing quite brought home the extent of the evil that is “school”, until I heard it from someone with no involvement in the group–someone who studies cults.  How crazy is it that – at one point – I truly believed in “school”? I believed that “school” believed in me. It was, in my mind, a haven of inner exploration, of evolutionary efforts and striving … all rooted in crap.

I realized, at that moment, how lucky I was to leave before I either fell victim to, or witnessed, far worse than I did. Sometimes I will – when in snarky conversation with another particular “disgruntled ex-student” – refer to “school” as Cult Lite, because I didn’t experience and/or witness the absolute worst.  But “school” is only cult lite to those of us who were not “privy” to its most heinous practices. I feel incredibly grateful that I left before my path led me into those dark corners.

Perhaps you are “breaking rules” by conducting the dreaded & prohibited Internet research. Perhaps you are the Blog Monitor (Hi Josh! Hi Geoff! Hi Michael! Who else?). Perhaps you might consider freeing yourself before “school” fucks up your life, in the name of “evolution” … that brings me to point 2.

What is “school’s” evolution, really? “School”, like a good little cult, is about generating profit. Every “disgruntled” I ever spoken to has, eventually, asked: where does the money go? Where indeed. The following blog posts from one of the partners in evil blog-ness provides some details, if you’re wondering where the $350 you spend every month goes visit …

Diagram of Everything Sharon Or … They love the dough, the 4 questions …


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