Gaslight Nation

Now that we have a President Trump pending, I find myself wanting to widen my focus. When I first started this blog, I did so as a personal healing odyssey: I would tell my story and provide information for those seeking information.

I found my recovery through the writing process and I found other things, too. I found out that my little “exclusive” school, was just a carbon copy of cults around the world. I found that the social dynamics within the hallowed halls were exactly the same as the social dynamics in other cults – Children of God, Scientology, etc. etc. etc. So my campaign widened – I want to expose and address cults of all kinds. I want to do this in service to humanity, as a woman who now identifies as a humanist – someone who believes that all humans have a birthright to every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. I believe that when societies invest in human potential, we can evolve into great civilizations.

But there’s a problem. It seems that power, control and fear are always at odds with compassion, love and authentic collaboration. Never was this more obvious to me than in this election and I fear that the nation has just elected and given mandate to power, control and fear.

I fear for myself, as a woman, as a Jewish person (remember the Jewish star tweet), as a Democrat, as a humanist who believes in diversity and civil rights for all.

After all we now have a president who called Mexicans rapists, claims to be the “law and order” candidate while unarmed African Americans are being killed by police, who said that Megyn Kelly was “bleeding from her where-ever” when she challenged his misogyny. He has a history of sexual assault, bragged about it. He’s proud of himself. The pussy grabber is now our president. What does this say about us as a country?

But what I fear more is my own complacency. When I became aware of the power dynamics in “school”, and I learned that other cults are exactly the same, I started to see them everywhere, politics, too.

I’ve seen and heard all about the social damage, both personal and societal. So my campaign widens again. I’m not sure what that means yet; I’m chewing on it. However, those of us who believe – like me – that ALL men and women are created equal and that we ALL should have every opportunity to grow into our true potential, we need to mobilize and come together, especially now that the orange grand poo ba of narcissism is our president. As a critical mass, we need speak out against racism, misogyny, hate-mongering and all that goes against American ideals, and is now represented by the incoming Trump administration.

Those who oppose the Trumpster are now told they are “stupid” and “misinformed” by the Trump Trolls. Trolls  have learned well from Daddy Trump and believe that if they repeat his lies enough, lies magically become truth. Thus the trolls are out there lecturing his critics: “get over it.”  They say. They are gloating about the big “win” (cough, can’t wait to see how America “wins”) and reveling in the national shock and dismay, proudly laughing at over half the country. Like Daddy Trump, they pride themselves in being assholes.

Kelly Anne Conning-her-Way, Trump’s Spinster-in-Chief, is claiming a mandate. If you buy into this bullshit, you are letting that camp gaslight the country. Don’t let the insults, the vitriol and the dismissal of over half the country – Clinton’s lead in the popular vote: 2.5 million people and the over 40% didn’t vote – silence you. We still have free speech. Let’s use it! As far as I know we still live in an imperfect democracy: let’s make sure the Trump camp doesn’t turn it into a plutocracy – rule by greedy rich people.

The United States of America is in danger of becoming the Cult o’ Trump. As fore-stated, I don’t know exactly what this means for me, except that I will be using this forum as a platform for my free speech, to speak out against civil rights violations.

That’s what I can do right now. More to come …

3 thoughts on “Gaslight Nation

  1. Gerda says:

    Dear GSR,

    First, many congratulations on your presentation. I am sorry that I was not in town and not able to attend. You, like all truthtellers, are changing the world with your courageous creativity.

    Our tenure in this mom & pop cult showed us how cults operate. You have noticed and remarked on the “us” and “them” divide and conquer tactic before. When I left the cult, I began to notice those tactics being used in politics, religion, Corporatelandia, etc, constantly, and came to the conclusion that we live in a Russian Doll of nested cults.

    So when you feel yourself pulled towards “us” and inclined to demonize “them,” this should be a signal to you that you are being played. The question is, by whom? Who are the players behind the curtains of both teams, and what do they want to us to think? and to do? What don’t they want us to do? What abuses and perversions do they not want us to see?

    When I decided to leave the cult, I realized that I could tell the truth about what I had learned to those still in it and they would look at me as if I were out of my mind. I could tell them the darkest truth I had learned, about children being given up to other members of the cult, and they simply would not entertain the idea. Such is the horrifying power of groupthink. People are unable to see that they are refusing to see.

    My subsequent explorations in mind control have led down some dark rabbit holes. The most important thing the cult showed me is just how evil some people really are, something most good people are never able to comprehend, and so their minds and imaginations can’t really go to places like this one:
    (caution: this material is disturbing, but it’s important we confront it)

    (The comments next to the “killroom” were particularly gruesome.)

    The material above was removed shortly after it was posted, no doubt because uncomfortable, if not downright frightening, pressure was applied. (Perhaps you saw the blog at Esoteric Freedom before it was removed and are familiar with the tactic.)

    The reddit discussion was also removed but can be seen through the waybackmachine eg:–

    This, I suspect, is the biggest thread to pull:

    Investigators are currently collaborating on voat, eg:

    The stories in the MSM saying it’s “fake news” are an example of gaslighting, which becomes clear once you examine the actual evidence.

    GSR I know you are involved in telling the truth about the cults in our midst. Perhaps you have come across the truth of the darkest of these cults, the ones which involve generational satanic ritual abuse. My own investigations have borne these out.

    Exposing what is going on at high levels of governments across the world in order to finally bring it to an end is, I believe, the most important work we can be doing. Those of us who were made privy to the “smaller evil” present in the cult, and had the strength to leave it and tell the truth about it, have been honing our skills for this larger task. Everyone who tells the truth about his or her experience is building that better world.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Dear Gerda – Thank for your extensive thoughts. Like you, I now see cult dynamics everywhere. I find myself wondering what is it in human nature and psychology that allows for this – the cruelty, the brainwashing, the abuse. It f*ing bizarre. I will check out the links you provided. Thanks for those, too. Cheers to your cult-free life and there’ll be other presentations, so I’ll keep you posted.


      • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

        BTW, in the spirit of not proliferating bullshit, the Comet Ping Pong thing was already dis-proven. Apparently that whole thing was supposed to have occurred in a the basement – there’s no basement at Comet Ping Pong.

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