“It’s easier to defend democracy …

… then win it back once it’s gone.”

I heard a speaker, who immigrated here from Yugoslavia, impart this wisdom at a rally protesting the election of the most unfit president-elect I’ve seen in my lifetime. A candidate whose psychological makeup runs counter to democracy:the rich, privileged and entitled narcissist who is easily manipulated by flattery and quickly enraged by criticism, as well as not-so-subtly endorsed by Russia. The protestors wanted electors to vote against the Trump presidency as it is a threat to democracy. Of course, nothing changed.

So let’s look at the situation shall we … a woman named CON-way teamed up with a man named Trump and the won (cough) the presidency.  The man who campaigned on a message of “I can say and do anything and I won’t lose any votes … I could shoot someone on 5th avenue” is now our president-elect. He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, but the electoral college fell his way – the electoral college is meant to protect Democracy from unfit presidents. Our new president is unprepared and a soulless, heartless, greedy, proud “pussy-grabbing” asshole.

I can’t wait to see the “greatness” that’s gonna soon follow as Trump, trumps his way through 2017. CON-way, dismissed those protesting the electoral votes as she does, was recently quoted as saying this: ” … He said, ‘I’ll be president of all people’, but the left is trying to de-legitimize his election …. They’re trying to deny him what he just earned. So why is the burden always on him?

Sound familiar? The Con/Trump-way is also the Cult Way – contrived kingdoms and queen-doms. Individuals exist merely to prop up the self-assigned royalty. Cults are not democracies. America will soon not be a democracy, either, if we do as the Trumpians tell us and shut the fuck up.

So, CON-way, I’ll spell it out for you:

  1. The US is a democracy (for now). Trump ran for president. The Donald is not king. We are not subjects. We are citizens and he is (barf) our president-elect. He applied for the job. He got the job. Now he is responsible for the job, like anyone else who gets a job. Tell your candidate to quit whining and man up. Our criticisms have only just begun. Grow some balls, quit hiding behind Twitter, and face the millions of voters who don’t trust him Remember Con-way, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. It’s on him to prove himself worthy of our trust.
  2. Its on him because he lies. There’s no reason to believe this statement: ‘I’ll be president of all people’. Since he lied his way into the White House, with your help, those of us who are sane and did not vote for him, expect the bullshit to carry forth. We will watch his actions to see if they match his words. So far, his actions confirm one thing: Trump lies. We will continue to use our free speech to blast a spot light on his lies and you will continue deny, dismiss and spin – lie for your boss, because that’s your job.
  3. Praising Vlad Putin doesn’t help his case. We are watching and listening. The burden is on him. If he continues fucking up, well, we’ll point it out.

So welcome, everyone, to the Divided Trump Cult that used to be America — the gaslight-ing of our nation forges ahead. Trump camp wants non-believers to shut the fuck up, pack away free speech and “deal with it”.  It expects you to offer up your deference. You are not allowed to criticize. Because, after all, “Why is the burden always on him?”, right CON-way? Why would the man who ran for president, actually do the job? We should all accept this new reality, right?

Not so much. Hope you’ll be out there, standing up for democracy and free speech, with me. Stay tuned.



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