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Good Morning  Readers:

So much to talk about! But this morning I’m keeping it to a short announcement: Due to a hack job, my fellow evil blogger has now removed the blog formerly known as Standing Up To Sharon Gans and re-posted ALL of its contents here: The Sharon Gans Cult News Report.

You see once upon a time, when the cult was unhappy with your blog, it would follow the lead of the larger, more successful cult, Scientology: hire a hack lawyer and bully you legally. These lawsuits are always absurd. Once I received legal papers from a complete stranger who was claiming that I was the “only one” who could supply the name she needed for another “meritorious lawsuit” against another evil blogger. I had nothing for her big case (Sad!) And now have lifelong, pro bono legal protection from a global firm. (that’s a longer story).

Besides being a waste of money, when “the invisible world” files a lawsuit the plaintiff’s claim becomes public record, i.e. very visible. I guess “school” decided to take a new tact when dealing with the above-mentioned blog. Instead of a hack lawyer, it hired an honest-to-God hacker who did something that suppressed the site such that it didn’t show up on Google searches.

Luckily, a reader realized there was something wrong and brought it to the attention of blog authorities. We thank her for that and carry on. Be vigilant, folks. We’ve got to look out for each other these days!

I raise a mug to your “school”-free life! Be careful out there. GSR

2 thoughts on “About The Sharon Gans Cult News Report

  1. Diablita says:

    Well, OK but I see that the blog has been severely edited prior to the publication of the NY Post article. What a shame.

    • Jillian says:

      The edits you mention to the republished blog. Were those related to names and designations within the “school”? I could have sworn that the blog had more detailed information.

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