Mini Cult Confessions at Amazing Things Art Center:

Greetings Everyone!

Are any of you songwriters, poets, performers of some kind? If so, do you want to join me on Thursday night at the Amazing Things Art Center open mic?

The open mic starts at 7:30. From 9-9:30, I’ll be trotting out songs from Cult Confessions, joined by producer extraordinaire, Doug Kwartler of Hollow Body Studio.

While the political landscape right now is surreal and infuriating and terrifying, I do have a dream and, yes, you may say I’m a dreamer:  I believe the arts and music can save our sorry butts. 🙂

But I will leave the pontificating and philosophizing for another day and venue (maybe tomorrow ;-)) In the meantime, come on out, bring a song, or two, or a poem, or a joke … or just hang out. Let’s get together and help each other try to stay sane.

Address: 160 Hollis Street, Framingham. Ma.

Keep inhaling and exhaling!

xo, ERF, (aka GSR to some)

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