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Good morning, Readers:

Two things. Given that I woke up at 4 a.m., which is really 5 a.m., let’s start with Funny:

For your TIAD, Trump Induced Anxiety D/O, I offer you, Impeachara

And now, NOT Funny:

Psychiatric/psychology professionals know Judith Herman’s work. Most read her book, Trauma and Recovery in college, or grad school.  Cultic studies scholars have all most certainly have read Robert J Lifton’s, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism. It is the seminal book. In a recent New York Times op ed, Herman and Lifton teamed up say this about Trump’s demonstrated mental instability :

“…we are struck by his repeated failure to distinguish between reality and fantasy, and his outbursts of rage when his fantasies are contradicted. Without any demonstrable evidence, he repeatedly resorts to paranoid claims of conspiracy… The military powers entrusted to him endanger us all. We urge our elected representatives to take the necessary steps to protect us from this dangerous president.”

Read the rest here:

Then, resist: Indivisible

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  1. Haven't Decided Today says:

    Not necessarily apropos, but interesting anyway. Something on another blog got me curious and I did a quick search and came up with the legal fight going on among the kids of Sharon Gans and Alex Horn over the ranch in Montana, which, according to legal filings, was estate planning for the three kids. Anyway, one has been suing the other and the whole thing has gone on for years. Thought people might like to see how, uh, evolved(?) people spend their time. It would be easy enough to check for updates or see some of the history. But if the ranch is no longer used for retreats, as I gathered it might not be, this is the reason.

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