Trump Cult – sycophants and parasites …

If you need further confirmation that Trump is trying to become a cult leader, watch & listen as his cabinet kisses his ass. Apparently, the administration invited the press in to this revolting display of groveling and brown-nosing, somehow believing it was an impressive display of Donny’s leadership … it brought back echoes of “school”. Good times!

You see, if you’re in a cult, you lose touch with reality. You believe in a contrived version of the world and as well as a contrived “leadership.” If you’re impressed by Trump and this group of toadies, if you believe all the praise and “great success” Donny’s claiming, you’re either in a Trump coma, or as dumb as a fence post … or both.

The good news is this: you no longer have to worry about “…libtards ruining the country with political correctness”– for the record, I can no longer even try to be polite or kind to anyone supporting the pussy-grabber-in -Chief.

Recently I read a Facebook post from the one sane Republican left in this country. It said: “There are no longer Republicans, Democrats and Independents; there are Trump supporters and there are Americans. You can’t be both.”

From this point forward, I have only this to say to anti-American, Trump supporters: I know a very white country in Eastern Europe that would be happy to have you. Don’t let the Stars and Stripes whip your sorry ass on your way out.

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