“HelP!” – coddling &/or character assassination

Recently I was discussing “HelP!” with a fellow “evil” blogger. Sometimes we like to compare and contrast New York and Boston, just for giggles – like cult members, or ex-cult members do.

“HelP!” is what I like to call cult common – all cults offer answers to life’s questions! Just ask Scientology. “School’s” version of “answers to life’s questions” is “HelP!” and there are 2 categories, coddling & character assassination (also cult common). A good cult must at least wink at coddling: aren’t you special, aren’t you great! Otherwise you would never have found your way to us!

“School’s” Boston branch seems to coddle for (roughly) 2 years. After that honeymoon, “school” swaps out coddling for full frontal character assassination – Boston tends towards the shaming variety. At this point, minions learn certain lessons quickly: if you fail at anything (especially if it’s a “school” thing) ” …you must not be trying hard enough!” If you question “school” wisdom or demand, “…what is your valuation for school?” (Valuation for school is my favorite “school”-sponsored guilt trip). If you dare utter the words “ I didn’t have time to [FILL IN BLANK]”,  “ … your relationship to time is skewed.” Robert is quite skilled at manipulating “students” into rhetorical corners with rhetorical questions and claims of superiority.  I, myself, never saw him bludgeon “students” in the way that I’ve heard that Sharon does – for example, calling women whores, cunts, bitches — sort of like a gangster rapper without the back beat. But I’ve heard reports that she taught him well. At certain choice moments he brings out the Sharon dagger.

Isn’t that heartwarming!

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