Cohen Leaves the Trump Cult …

At some point over the life of this blog, I made a political comment that offended a reader. At the time I apologized and said this is not a political blog, so I’ll refrain from political commentary. Obviously, I have stopped worrying about that, because today presidential politics intersect with all things cultic. Trump could bomb a nursery school and the Trump cultists would justify it. Daddy Donny would come up with some b.s., like “those the toddlers were terrorists!” All the monkeys would jump up and down, pick it up and repeat, repeat.

It then makes sense that I’m also obsessed with the Russia investigation. This week, Micheal Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail for campaign finance violations. Cohen is the man who once professed, “I would take a bullet for this president.” I’m no fan. For a while, he clearly enriched himself through his Trump alliance (financially speaking, of course).

I don’t trust this sudden epiphany of consciousness. But I will give him this: the statements he made during sentencing do have a somewhat authentic ring of someone exiting a cult. He previously admitted in court to arranging hush money payments to women who had affairs with Trump (barf) “for the principal purpose of influencing” the 2016 presidential election. At his sentencing hearing he added the following:

  • Blind loyalty to Trump overrode “my own inner voice and my moral compass.”
  • And “…  time and time again, I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds.”
  • He described his life as “personal and mental incarceration ever since the day that I accepted the offer to work for a real estate mogul whose business acumen … I deeply admired.” (ugh)
  • He said of his prison sentence, “Today is the day that I am getting my freedom back.”
  • He said, “…and it was my own weakness and a blind loyalty to this man” — a reference to Mr. Trump — “that led me to choose a path of darkness over light.”

Blind and unquestioning loyalty, losing moral compass and authentic voice, feeling responsible to protect the group/leader no matter what, recognizing suddenly that you’ve been walking through life in a cognitive, psychological and emotional prison, being lorded over by a false belief in non-existent benevolence, or business acumen and the feeling of relief, of freedom, that comes when you wake up to the con – yep, those are all common cultic hallmarks. I wonder if Allison Mack — the Smallville actress who is being charged with human sex trafficking after becoming deeply entrenched in the NXIVM cult— can relate. I wonder what her story is.

Cohen probably was no angel before he partnered up with the rapist-in-chief. The phrase business acumen seems to me to be a euphemism for corrupt and sleazy. But it will be interesting to see what unfolds after this confession and dissolution from the Trump cult.

6 thoughts on “Cohen Leaves the Trump Cult …

  1. Bette says:

    “That led me to choose a path of darkness over light…”
    To everything you said:

  2. Pocahontas says:

    GSR – very perceptive insight about Cohen, I hadn’t seen his statements. Comparing Jail as Freedom from Trump, haha!! I have been out of School now well over a decade and am happy to make my own decisions about my time, energy and focus. I benefited from my own work on my self when I was in, and refuse to give credit to them! Happy New Year!

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Greetings Pocahontas – thanks for your comment! It’s somewhat unfortunate this obsession I have with the Russia/Putin/Trump bromance, because I’m furious a lot these days. But I guess the silver lining is that I catch every detail … happy to share.

      Speaking of sharing, thanks for this: ” I benefited from my own work on my self when I was in, and refuse to give credit to them! Happy New Year!” Now that’s healthy response. It’s true. It’s you who did all that work, so why give those mo fo’s credit. The same could be said for any of us “disgruntled(s)”. I feel a new post coming on … more at 11.

      Happy 2019! I raise a toast to your freedom!

  3. Pocahontas says:

    The best thing about my experience with the cult / school / the work / whatever! is that I met many intelligent,
    Talented, creative and good people there -you included. I am really honored that you asked to meet with me as you were exiting because you read my piece on Esoteric Freedom. Com. I’m so glad to have been part of your gathering consciousness of the devious form of sleep that is induced on the “students” in School, sheep for the slaughter.

    I’m also really impressed at your dedication to your craft, this blog, and continuing to be a point of light.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Thanks, again, Pocahontas! Seems like a good time to tell you how much I appreciated your time. Talking to you really helped me trust myself and accept that my schooling was just a big con. In fact, I remember you telling me, “Don’t give school credit for YOUR work.”

      I’m so pleased that you’re reading and commenting on the blog. I keep it going because I can’t not do it — I’m continually processing my bizarre and surreal, 5-year cultic misadventure, so why not share and hope that others find my musings helpful.

      Right now, I’m seeing cultic social dynamics reflecting back at me everywhere and most obviously from the top tier of our federal government. Thus the duo obsession … cults and the Russia investigation. Good times! I look forward to the day that the name Trump fades into history … remember that guy, you know, the one with the tv show … I hear he’s in prison now…

      🙂 Okay, now I’m back to my coffee than off to work. Cheers!

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