Confirmed: Sharon, departed

Just an FYI, I think I’ve heard from enough people to confirm that Sharon, has, indeed, left this earthly plain. Still no obit, but I’m told that’s pretty “normal” for “School”. Whatever.

8 thoughts on “Confirmed: Sharon, departed

  1. Butterflies are free says:

    Yeah, it’s weird. After all these years I thought I’d feel something.
    Alex, Sharon and Fred are dead.
    Robert still standing?
    Does he get the money, the millions of dollars worth of real estate?
    Would that he’d sell it and give back the money they stole from us.
    In the name of Karma.

  2. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    The word is that Robert stopped teaching a couple of years ago. Does he get her empire? Who knows.

  3. Spencer Schneider says:

    LMAO. What could an obituary possibly say? “She died of negative emotions?”

  4. Steve Kahaner says:

    Time for a claim against her estate to prevent her ill-gotten gains from going to her family? i guess there would be a statute of limitations issue on the claims.

  5. This is Not I says:

    Is Greg running everything now? How do you know she passed? Will they keep the space in midtown?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      As a Boston-based ex-school cog, I don’t know. I never met Gregg. I’ve never been to the NYC classroom – I didn’t know anything about corporate headquarters until I left the cult’s inferior, Boston-based, satellite branch. As far as how I know she passed, well, if you go visit Alex Horn’s headstone, you’ll see her plot. I have sources & a photo from said sources.

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