Speaking of Cults: Q Anon

Question: Who is Q? Who is the “Great patriot”? Where do the marching orders followed by Q Reps, Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert originate?

Answer: Turns out that Q is an ex-pat, tech geek, who “dropped” instructions from the Philippines, to his minions in the U.S. For years Ron Watkins administered the online cesspool called 8Chan (later it became 8Kun, when 8Chan got shut down when some of the hateful trolls followed up their gun and killing fantasies with deranged rampages.) But that’s another story. I’ll tackle the gun worship another day.

You can learn all about this QAnon thing by watching the HBO television miniseries Q: INTO THE STORM: You’ll get to meet Ron Watkins and his boss & daddy, Jim. Let’s just say, daddy’s got the money and son’s got the tech chops. What a team:

The Q heads are appropriately embarrassed about this; they’d believed that a don don crony was giving them secret orders from inside the White House.

Rather than admit that Ron & Jim duped them, they are now denying that Q is one person. And I supposed, now, it’s true. The overlords in Manilla have created an anti-American movement. Such is the nature of cults. It’s painful to admit that you’ve been played.

Q heads, you’ve been played.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Cults: Q Anon

  1. Mark Ragan says:

    Does anyone know what has happened to the cult after Gans died? My sister-in-law and her husband have been cult members for decades. Leslie and Stewart Hitelman.
    Leslie cut ties to her mother and sister a long time ago, a shunning that devastated her Mom. I’m curious what role she played in scam. Was she considered a leader?
    Write to me if you know anything.

  2. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Hi Mark – Unfortunately, I really don’t know and wish I could help. I met Leslie and Stewart a few times, but I was in the “younger class”, so didn’t really see either of them in action. It’s hard to get current information on the “invisible world”, once you’ve escaped. I can write a post & see if anyone responds to it. Let me know if that would be helpful. Feel free to write to gsr@cultconfessions2.com.

  3. Tried to Reach You says:

    I was in Leslie’s group. She started in NYC group, then ‘one day’ showed up in Boston, married, and pregnant, to Stewart.
    She was loved, admired for awhile, then trashed verbally, as was Stewart….you know, to break them down.
    They were both part of “inner circle” who went to Montana every summer, for 1 or 2 or 3 weeks….
    All of us “lesser beings” were Not Supposed To Know, but of course, we were Supposed To Know…
    Jealousy, Rank, Authority, Status, were All utilized to keep people feeling bad, wanting, lacking, hurt, confused, and supposedly -eager to be in line for special treatment or trips, etc. in the future.
    The Only Real Special Treatment turned out to be Selling one’s soul, more so.
    The ”special ones” came back to Boston either browbeaten and crushed, or elated. The elated ones were fawned over, endlessly…until of course they were castigated…again.
    Some appeared to be suffering from bipolar swings. And some disappeared!
    It was at one of these so called ‘sacred retreats’ when Sharon decided that Leslie should be a World Class Pianist.
    She was ordered to play, practice, etc.
    And I believe, she was encouraged to blame her failure to have been a Concert Pianist earlier in her life, on her mother and sister.
    It was during a trip back to Colorado, that Leslie was ordered to drop them.
    I may have timing off.
    But Leslie then suffered from carpal tunnel from having practised too much…so her so-called career crashed.
    There was also bullshit and accusations around their marriage, etc. More breakdown tactics? But too private to post here. (So I won’t, for her family and daughter’s sakes)

    I left soon after but here’s the deal.

    Everyone is fetted and admired, then punished as if in Catholic school or worse. Then they are loved and admired, and then punished again, put down verbally by our peers, etc.
    It is a constant harassment, manipulation, lift up, put down cycle, that enculcates the victim, or destroys them.
    I began having extreme dissociative experiences, and so left after Robert told me to my face that I was Not having any mental health issues!
    I was in fact suicidal.
    I have since been diagnosed with Chronic Complex PTSD and Anxiety disorders.
    Everyone in group was instructed NOT to Contact me. Because I might tell them my truth?
    It’s a nightmare.
    All You can do is help Leslie’s mother, sister, family, friends to Understand that Leslie and Stewart are indeed in a cult.
    No idea what is happening now, but have a friend whose sister and bro in law are still in Boston group.
    She told me they look worse than ever, since S died.
    They are exhausted, sleep deprived, pale, and weak.

    Hopefully the rank and file will leave or the one’s on top will fight and it will blow up.

    The longer I am out, the more horrific it all appears.

    Praying for Leslie’s family, and my friend, and all the other friends, and families hurt, that it is soon dissolved.

    I also do not wished to be named so I trust my real identity will be kept safe here.

  4. Mark Ragan says:

    I am only seeing this message now. Thank you SO much for your message updating me about Leslie and Stuart Hitelman.

    After years and years of researching Leslie’s participation in OSG, my wife finally told Leslie we knew why she was shunning the family.

    From then on, we’ve never heard from her.

    Thank god her two beautiful daughters have kept their ties with their aunt and grandmother. I have heard that Sharon would order cult members to shun their families. But what happens now that Gans is dead? Is there still a cult? Who’s running i?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Mark – these are all great questions & I wish I had answers for you. We all hope that the cult will fall apart, but these things have a way of shapeshifting and morphing into a next iteration… so hard to say.

      Perhaps some readers out there will be able to help.

      Again, I’m happy to post something more prominent to see if anyone will respond. Though, I admit, this site isn’t getting tons of traffic these days. I leave it up as a resource.

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