Speaking of Cults: Q Anon

Question: Who is Q? Who is the “Great patriot”? Where do the marching orders followed by Q Reps, Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert originate?

Answer: Turns out that Q is an ex-pat, tech geek, who “dropped” instructions from the Philippines, to his minions in the U.S. For years Ron Watkins administered the online cesspool called 8Chan (later it became 8Kun, when 8Chan got shut down when some of the hateful trolls followed up their gun and killing fantasies with deranged rampages.) But that’s another story. I’ll tackle the gun worship another day.

You can learn all about this QAnon thing by watching the HBO television miniseries Q: INTO THE STORM: You’ll get to meet Ron Watkins and his boss & daddy, Jim. Let’s just say, daddy’s got the money and son’s got the tech chops. What a team:

The Q heads are appropriately embarrassed about this; they’d believed that a don don crony was giving them secret orders from inside the White House.

Rather than admit that Ron & Jim duped them, they are now denying that Q is one person. And I supposed, now, it’s true. The overlords in Manilla have created an anti-American movement. Such is the nature of cults. It’s painful to admit that you’ve been played.

Q heads, you’ve been played.

One thought on “Speaking of Cults: Q Anon

  1. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Hi Mark – these are all great questions & I wish I had answers for you. We all hope that the cult will fall apart, but these things have a way of shapeshifting and morphing into a next iteration… so hard to say.

    Perhaps some readers out there will be able to help.

    Again, I’m happy to post something more prominent to see if anyone will respond. Though, I admit, this site isn’t getting tons of traffic these days. I leave it up as a resource.

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