Sharon’s son on being groomed for cult leadership …

Vermont Sunrise

Good morning Readers,
I’m on a little retreat in Vermont, where it’s minus-18 degrees. Good excuse to stay in and write: coffee, fireplace, sunrise:

So, some might find this foodie podcast, Drinking on the Job, interesting. In this episode Sharon’s son talks about being slated to carry the cult forth, and how he rejected this designation.

Instead he sells wine and plays a mean blues guitar. To hear that story, musings about mezcal & some musical samplings click HERE.

2 thoughts on “Sharon’s son on being groomed for cult leadership …

  1. Paul says:

    This is so fascinating to listen to. The one question I was left with after listening to the various podcasts and reading Spencer’s book, was what Sharon’s history was, what her and Alex’s childhoods were like and why they might have ended up like this, starting a cult. Are there any sections on your blog, or other resources that might answer these questions?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Paul – Thanks for your comment. I know so little about Alex and Sharon – I didn’t even know that they existed until my 5-year stint ended. I have heard that Sharon’s childhood was awful. Based on Horn’s behavior, his childhood probably sucked, too. Spencer probably has more info on their family backgrounds. But … there may be some folks out there who can help us out. I also found this conversation fascinating!

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