GSR podcast interviews and book tour info…

Hello first real vacation since before Covid times!! New Orleans & The Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX.

I keep hearing Robert claiming, “Those who leave the source, regret it, believe me!Yes! Right now, I could be at an early-morning making new friends training & paying $350/month for “the privilege.” I could be at Whole Foods, seeking out my “new friends,” while the nausea I always felt when recruiting overtakes me.

Instead, I’ve been unnecessarily suffering some NOLA Jazz, powdered-sugar beignets, fish tacos and cocktails (none better). This week, in Texas, I’ll be hearing the most fantastic songs never heard by the general public, at late-night, early morning, Texas campfires. Sigh. All with my new book in hand 🙂

After exiting the hollow halls in 2011, the Big Easy was one my first post-cult trips. NOLA holds a special place in my heart. We’d planned to go back in 2020. Obviously, that didn’t happen. This year we are making up for the trip that Covid ruined. I’d intended to forget about all cult-related things. But exciting book-related things have thwarted that intention. Sigh… I’d better get back to “the source,” before I ruin my life. Or, maybe I’ll just go ahead and ruin my life without it.

Here’s the news …

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2 thoughts on “GSR podcast interviews and book tour info…

  1. Shannon says:

    This is fantastic news!! Congratulations on the amazing response the book is getting. I will definitely ask my local bookstore to order it. I hope you will be doing appearances in the Boston area bookstores, such as Porter Square books. Back in 2008, I tried to get the Boston Globe to cover the issue, and it refused. I hope that now there are 2 published books out there, the paper will finally give it the attention it needs. Have you approached them?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Shannon – Thanks so much!!! Appreciate it! Plans are in the works to approach local bookstores and, at that point, Boston press. Hopefully in the fall. More to come! If you do approach your local bookstore, maybe I could read there!! Lemme know, okay? You can email me at

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