Yep, the Boston “school/study” is Cult-ing Away

The latest…

  • Sometime during 2018-19, Robert got the boot & Paul was promoted as top “teacher” (both, a little hard to picture & not… sigh)
  • As of 2022, “school” was still calling itself “the study.” 

I’m wondering the following:

  1. does the cult still meets at Billerica’s Faulkner Building?
  2. Is the “making new friends” recruitment the same deceptive process?  
  3. Has it swapped out “the study” for another scholarly sounding name, in the race from scrutiny?

If you’ve recently left the Boston branch, or are “breaking rules” by consulting the “evil internet” to find out if you’re in a cult (yes, it’s a cult), feel free to update, correct, or otherwise provide helpful, identifying, information.

4 thoughts on “Yep, the Boston “school/study” is Cult-ing Away

  1. Haven't Decided Today says:

    I wonder how much of the changeover had to do with who could personally deliver more money.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I was in School in the 8o’s in Cambridge/Somerville….. I can still picture VIVIDLY the faces of a lot of the people there. It really left a huge imprint on me in my 20’s, much of it traumatic….. It’s amazing to me that I never see a SOUL from those days around Boston…..! I’d love to run into someone and debrief, believe it or not, after 35 years!!!!

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      Hi Sabrina – Thanks for commenting! I do find that whenever a long time former “disgruntled ex student” (as the cult likes to call anyone and everyone who leaves) visits and comments, the theme is that they miss their fellow “classmates” … not the “ideas”, nor the “teachers. So it must be the community that holds cults together, that is until the community realizes that a bunch of con artists are leveraging those connections for selfish reasons. Well, perhaps a fellow 80s classmate there will see your comment and want to connect!

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