2 thoughts on “From Walt Whitman

  1. Samuel I says:

    Now, he looks like a great crusty old gentleman. What an amazing face and what wise words…

  2. Elless says:

    Amen, sister.

    Any New York Gans/Horn Alums reading this? Circa 1985/1986/1987? Minerva, Greg, Fred, Michael were the “teachers” who sat in for Gans/Horn in the younger class in that era.

    We saw the inaugural Christmas extravaganza that has since caused so much horror to the participants, the creation of the “no fraternization” rule (I remember why and where that happened), the arranged marriage between Terry and Delia, their first child together being born, Minerva’s last child being born and adopted out – the production of “Women Beware Women” off-broadway with Sally Kirkland and Graves Kiely, etc. I just this week threw away my notes from those days. Looking to sell my 5 volumes of The Psychological Commentaries (I don’t have the final Volume 6 which is the index for the previous 5, left school before that one was published). I think they go for $100+ for the set. Maybe I can make some money back. Anyone want an original Alex Horn play manuscript? I’ve got one. Perhaps a ritual bonfire is in order.

    All these items have been packed away since a move of many years ago – only recently unearthed. Let the purge begin.

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