Regarding Fred Mindel …

I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to those who knew Dr. Frederick Mindel, but apparently he died on June 26th. Here’s the obituary:

I didn’t know him, so I’m not personally effected. But I’ve been hearing from some who did  — so I decided that was worth posting.

11 thoughts on “Regarding Fred Mindel …

  1. Dangerous Evil says:

    Good riddance to Fred Mindel. He was a psychopathic sadist, delighting in making people suffer. Devilish fellow. But I forgive you Fred, for all it. You don’t deserve my anger and I won’t suffer anymore from your cruelty. Your soul is left to God’s mercy. Condolences to his family.

  2. Aegis says:

    Well. That must have been unexpected. I’m sad for his family members. Blessed memories to all. Forgiveness always.

  3. BestFootForward says:

    Like so many ‘older students of ‘the work”, Fred had sadly become a ghost of himself over the last years, drawn, gaunt, grey, sick and thin. So scary to watch the life being drained from them all as the stuff of their souls is being devoured.
    Note to Self: Wake Up and Leave! Run for Your Life!

  4. Archer says:

    Thirty years ago, as a very young person dealing with TWO dying parents I found ” the work” and Fred was my teacher in the “school” “group” “space” in Tribecca. I gave money I didn’t have, energy I didn’t have. I surrendered my sense of self and defense for the promise of a better, stronger self with which to survive the devastating losses that I was enduring which were minimized. I handed Fred (and a woman who was then going by Minerva, ironically) my devotion and seeker’s heart. Fred felt entitled to drop all of that so that he could get in my pants. Under the guise of a “shock” to waken me out of my lower self, he later justified.
    I have a very hard time experiencing this as a loss. So many others suffered much worse, I now know, with Sharon, Alex Horn and more.
    When I won a scholarship to get an MFA in Acting in San Diego, I was told that I would never find the work again and should not take the scholarship that only 10 actors were awarded that year. I left but very ashamed and uncertain at the time.

    After a year in La Jolla I found a wonderful couple who were in the work, legitimately descended from Madame De Salzman (sp/) and the Ouspensky line. They were lovely and deeply saddened by my experience. I sat for two years with them and one more with a group in NYC who they referred me to when I returned East. I did not stay in The Gurdjieff work but with the help of many other seekers, healers, writers and thinkers, I have more than recovered my nature and wisdom. I continue to feel blessed to live a life molded by a yearning for understanding at my core. But my experience with these frauds was pernicious and cruel and can be credited with none of that outcome.

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      wow. Thanks for sharing this. It takes a lot of courage. I think this info is really critical – gotta expose it. Just this morning I was writing about the secrecy – how I gave all this money & time & energy to “school”, having no clue about what the group was, or it’s history of abuse and fraud and everything else.

  5. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Oh, and thank God you were awarded that scholarship and got the f out.

  6. Archer says:

    Ooops typo. Thanks for this venue. It serves beyond just ventilation. I am once more yearning for community within the mystical/ Sufi/ Kabbalahlist paths and am considering The Diamond Heart Work as I have met so many healers and seeker who speak highly of this path. Also I am using the Enneagram for some further growth. But I know that A. H. Almas was associated with the Gurdjieff work at one point. Do any of your readers have any negative experiences in that group?

    • The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

      I’m happy to hear that you find my blog helpful … as for A.H. Almas, I am actually not familiar with that group. I’ve been staying away from any such group, myself, esp Gurdjieff groups. But other readers may be able to respond to your inquiry.

  7. Allen says:

    Did Fred really pass away? How? I met Fred Mindell in San Francisco in the late 1960’s and worked with him for about a year while he went to Law School. He was deeply involved in a Gurdjieff group which met one night in a large warehouse in the industrial park of the city close to downtown. I went there one time at night and found an unremarkable door lit by a small light opening into a huge open space with at least 50 folding chairs in a circle. Most of those sitting in these chairs were prospects, like me, although I never went back. We were asked to get up and speak to the group and say why we were there, what did we want, why did we want it, etc. We also were put through some group techniques, one called “gambling”, acting like primitive animals, etc. Then Fred got up and spoke “with sincerity” about deep feelings and longings. Fred facinated me at the time because he seemed to live the life, but Bob?… whose name I forget, seemed very unhappy and deep in “the Work”. I was far too careful than to get involved with this group, although I had read PD Ouspenski’s books about Gurdjieff, and found them interesting. Years later I found all these website about Fred and his new medical work? and how many people were harmed and tricked by their group. So glad to have avoided them and sorry to hear the truth I always suspected. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please tell me how Fred died.

  8. The Gentle Souls Revolution says:

    Hi Allen – Yes, Fred did die. As a Boston “student”, I didn’t know him. His “school” gig was in NYC. I think he may have made one appearance in our “classroom. So I’m not sure what happened – possibly a heart attack. But maybe some other reader will know. It’s interesting to hear about “school” back in the day. Lucky you for not taking the bait. Thanks for commenting. GSR

  9. phil says:

    I saw Dr Mindel as a patient, and felt very well served by him, he was pricey, but solved some ailments i had, i was losing hearing in one ear, and he corrected the problem, he always struck me as a good man.

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